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Harness the Power of the Internet

Harness the Power of the InternetStar Search Video has taken the next step in Internet marketing by creating a world-wide interface that uses all existing technologies and maximizes performance to achieve maximum efficiency.

Star Search Video has been integrated in an effective manner so as to exploit the power of the Internet while effectively promoting talent.

Marketing strategies set Star Search Video apart from the competition and the results-driven interface assures talent of only the best representation.

Considering today's high-speed, fast-access world, you need internet presence as part of your marketing. Think about mailing costs, telephone tag, driving to auditions, lost time.... and note that one gig will likely cover your basic package and annual online cost! Point them to your listing on Star Search Video!

Producers have instant access to your stats, photos and media -- no running to the post office, no delays, no wasted paper and photos, no demo tapes. They're all accessible online... your photo, stats, credits, and optional audio/video clips.

Unlike other online search services you may encounter, Star Search Video offers the latest in streaming technologies -- no long waiting for an entire clip to download -- video and audio clips begin playing almost immediately. We will perform basic video editing services if you require simple cuts to your demo reel when we format the streaming clips.

Star Search Video is not an agency. You have the opportunity to list your representative's contact information on the application. We do not collect commissions for any work you get as a result of your listing here. Star Search Video is however, the best investment you'll make this year to promote your talents.

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