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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I get my headshot posted?
Simply send your headshot, up to 5 other stills, up to 5 minute video, resume and a check or money order for $295.00

Star Search Video

P.O. Box 1753
Aberdeen, CA 98520

How much does it cost to post my photos, video and resume?
The cost for posting up to 6 photos, your video (5 min. max.) and resume is $295.00 and includes the total packages plus 1 year free membership.

How much does it cost to post a video slate or sample?
All clients may submit up to five minutes of video with their registration at no extra charge.

What does Star Search Video have to offer me as an Actor/Actress?
In addition to providing exposure to casting directors, producers and talent agencies, Star Search Video gives you your own web page which can be seen from anywhere in the world. Click here for an example.

What if I need to change information on my resume?
Not a problem, We will update it at no charge

How long does it take to get my photos posted?
Within one week after you send it to us

Can I change my photos once they are posted?
Not a problem, send us a new picture and we'll gladly update it for you

How many pictures can I post?
At this time, we are posting at least 1 and up to 6 photos per person maximum

What if I want my headshot removed?
Call us at 360-537-7289 and we'll remove it right away

Are there any hidden or other charges?
All clients will get 1 year free exposure on Star Search Video. Thereafter, there will be a $99.95 annual subscription fee per client to keep your Web page live

How will agencies, casting directors, etc. contact me?
All contacts are e-mailed to your contact number ( Your personal contact information is not given directly to those seeking your services. The information is forwarded to the contact person that you designate (either your e-mail or that of your manager). You (and/or your management) can then check out the offer to check for authenticity prior to responding

I have some great nude photos, can I add them to my portfolio at Star Search Video?
Some other modeling sites post nude shots in an attempt to drive extra traffic to their site. However, the traffic that these sites get are not from qualified industry casting professionals, but from web surfers hunting for nude photographs. Star Search Video does not allow nude photos to be posted on the site for two reasons. First, this would attract the wrong kind of attention to the professional models and actors at Star Search Video, and secondly, nude photographs would not project a professional image to casting agents

How will charges for Star Search Video appear on my credit card statement?
Star Search Video is a division of Web Masters Ink, any credit card charges representing Star Search Video will show on your statement as Web Masters Ink

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